Illinois State House District 04

Our state is at a crossroads. Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump have done so much damage to our state and our country. They don’t care about giving working families the tools they need to build better lives– they only care about helping their rich, corporate donors and friends.

It’s time for us to take a stand. Together, we can fight back and win.

About Me

I have spent the last two decades working as an organizer, fighting for progressive causes ranging from immigrant rights, fair taxation, and labor rights. 

I began my career as an organizer working to pass instate tuition in Illinois. From there, I went on to found multiple organizations to recruit, train and support progressive candidates and candidates of color. I served as the director of We Are Wisconsin, the coalition group which led the campaign to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

I served as the campaign manager of A Better Illinois, which led the fight to pass a Fair Tax in Illinois, and I served as the founding director of United Working Families, which supported the campaign of Chuy Garcia and other progressive aldermanic candidates.

I am running because I believe we should expect our elected officials to not just share our core values, but to serve as leaders and organizers in our fights.

My Goals

We are facing unprecedented attacks from opponents here in Illinois and in Washington D.C. I will fight every day to promote progressive and sensible policies that protect our residents and ensure fairness and equality for all Illinois residents.

Pass A Fair Tax Law

Pass a Fair Tax law that ensures the wealthy pay their fair share to help solve our budget crisis.

Support Immigrant Communities

Support the equality and rights of all Illinois residents, regardless of their immigration status.

Investment In Our Community

Invest in Chicago Public Schools, infrastructure, parks and our university system.

Honor Our Commitments

Honor our state’s commitment to provide health care, social services, retirement security, quality education and child care for working families.

My Work

Kristen has worked as an organizer for over 20 years fighting to promote our progressive values.

United Working Families

She was the founding director of United Working Families, helping to support the campaign of Chuy Garcia and other progressive candidates for alderman.

Fair Tax Campaign

She was the campaign director of A Better Illinois, a coalition of organizations working for pass a Fair Tax in Illinois.

Elected Representative School Board Campaign

She led the signature gathering effort of 65K to place elected school board on the ballot in Chicago.

Walker Recalls

She served as the campaign manager for the recall efforts against Scott Walker when he and his right-wing corporate allies took away union rights from public employees.

Proud Parent of CPS Graduates

She is the proud parent of two Chicago Public Schools graduates.